InList curates the most exclusive international nightlife and charity events and allows members to book reservations through its cutting-edge mobile app. Every day, InList handpicks the most exclusive events in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Paris, London, Saint-Tropez, Ibiza, Berlin, Dubai, and more. An InList concierge confirms each reservation with the venue, so users can rest assured that industry experts are handling their reservation. InList’s connections are your connections.

  • Industry: Software
  • Year Started: 2014
  • Organization Type: For-Profit
  • # of Employees: 4 ( as of Dec 31, 2013)

Gideon Kimbrell

Co-founder and Chairman

Gideon Kimbrell, founder of InList, is a software engineer, business executive, and successful entrepreneur. He’s a detail-oriented perfectionist who won’t take no for an answer. Gideon believes in the power of positive thinking and dedication, and he has founded companies that now generate more than $5 million per year in revenue. Gideon’s passion for technology has powered his high-energy path from Southern Adventist University, where he received a master’s degree in software engineering. He immediately went on to be instrumental in the founding of companies such as deviantART and Interfund Financial. From there, he made his mark doing work for many companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Jettis, and Barnes & Noble, receiving strong recognition for his efforts. Now Gideon is the founder of InList, a disruptive mobile app for booking exclusive reservations.

  • Age: 33
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

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