Empact Showcase Academy

The Academy exists to discover the best and most innovative young entrepreneurs.

Comprised of top entrepreneurs in the country, the Empact Academy plays a vital role in choosing the final category honorees.

2013 Academy

Kay Koplovitz Tony Hsieh Jeff Sandefer Chuck Templeton
Kay Koplovitz
Founder USA Network and Sci-Fi Channel and Chairman, Springboard Enterprises
Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos
Jeff Sandefer
Founder, Acton Foundation & Sandefer Offshore
Chuck Templeton
Founder, Open Table

Jeff Hoffman Mike Delazzer Mike Delazzer Gene Landrum
Jeff Hoffman
Founder & Partner, Color Jar
Founder & Former CEO, Priceline.com family
Mike DeLazzer
Founder, RedBox
Chip Paucek
Co-founder and CEO, 2U & Former CEO, Hooked on Phonics
Gene Landrum
Founder, Chuck E. Cheese
Author, Entrepreneurial Genius - The Power of Passion

2012 Academy Congratulatory Videos