Curse Inc

Curse is one of the largest gaming-information properties worldwide, attracting more than 30 million unique visitors a month. Our purpose is to help gamers Enjoy the Game in all aspects of their gaming lifestyle— from tips for a game they are playing, engaging with their friends in the gaming community to watching their favorite gaming professionals compete. Curse is comprised of community sites, tools, databases, videos, guides, live streaming, and eSports teams. Online gaming enthusiasts depend on Curse for the tools and expertise they need in order to take their gaming to the next level. Curse creates technology as well as multi-media tools and resources for gamers. A strong, active community is essential to any game. Curse products help foster the formation of communities around popular game titles and encourage like-minded gamers worldwide to connect, interact and ENJOY THE GAME.

  • Industry: Media
  • Year Started: 2006
  • Organization Type: For-Profit
  • # of Employees: 78 ( as of Dec 31, 2013)

Hubert Thieblot


As a teenager in France, Hubert Thieblot was an avid gamer, devoting much of his time to his World of Warcraft guild. He developed a website to host modifications to the game for his well-respected team, and soon discovered the site also became a powerful tool for players everywhere. The seed for Curse was planted. At only twenty, with no experience in engineering, web design, management, or business, Thieblot boldly decided to make Curse his career. Despite parental disapproval, he dropped out of his Swiss information technology program and dedicated himself to gaming and to growing his company. With no financial backers, it took many sleepless nights on the floors of friends’ houses and countless cups of Chinese noodles before Curse gained traction.

  • Age: 32
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

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